This page has been inspired by the /now page movement by Derek Sivers.

Right now, Iā€™m:

ā€¢ Back home in the Castelli Romani

ā€¢ Getting back to run 1 full hour šŸƒšŸ»

ā€¢ Currently engaged in the second part of my scolarship (TornoSubito), which consists in a 3 months internship at Studio Aira

ā€¢ Auditing this online course: in order to learn a bit more about Deep Learning and how can it be used in creative and expressive ways. Iā€™m using python and tensorflow.

For example, given this input image:
(credits for this CGI artwork go to Alfonso Coppola, a great friend and cg artist)


This is the first iteration of the neural network:


Iteration 4:


Iteration 14:


Iteration 118:


Gif showing the full training: