"Computer programs process and display critical data, facilitate communication, monitor and report on sensor networks, and shoot down incoming missiles.
But computer code is not merely functional.
Code is a peculiar kind of text, written, mantained, and modified by programmers to make a machine operate. It is a text nonetheless, with many of the properties of more familiar documents.
Code is not purely abstract and mathematical; it has significant social, political and aesthetic dimensions.
Like a diary from a forgotten past, computer code is embedded with stories of a program's making, its purpose, its assumptions, and more."

extract from 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5 + RND(1)); : GOTO 10

I see code as a way of expressing thoughts, feelings, ideas.

That's why I try to get myself comfortable with different frameworks and technologies: in the end they're just tools - and the more you know the easier is to pick the right one for the job. I'm not an expert in anything - I believe it's impossible to be nowadays.

I'm a big fan of UNIX and the terminal philosophy for this reason : command line tools build on top of each other, and there's no single magic one that will solve all of your needs. Also, you can't beat the aesthetic of the terminal. Mac & Linux are my close friends - Windows is an uncle I see from time to time, but we really don't get each other.

In the last years I had the chance to work with web projects involving the use of NodeJS and Javascript/HTML/CSS. I also worked on projects using used micro-controllers (like Arduino) or micro-computers (Raspberry Pi, udoo-x86).

I worked on the development of 3D Animation / VFX pipelines in different studios. I know my way around Houdini, Nuke, Maya, Ftrack & Shotgun APIs. I wish we could erase Maya from the pipelines of all world and just use Houdini, but unfortunately, it's not that easy.

For a personal project I also developed custom python scripts for importing GeoJSON data inside Houdini. I also use python for my daily hacks of every sort.

On the other hand, I used threejs & openframeworks to create generative and multimedia artworks that involve projectors, sensors, microcontrollers and other geeky stuff.

Oh, yeah, once I even tried to write a tiny Neural Network from scratch - because why not?

I'm keen in learning new things when required by the project and currently I'm quite confident in Python , Threejs and openframeworks (C++ framework for creative coding). I also know how to exit from vim, in case one of your developers is still trapped inside it.

If you feel I'm a good match for your next project, please check my CV to get the full picture.