Here's a link to break the ice:

Questions for discussion:

  • Is the only value of an AI artwork the fact that it has been generated via an AI?
  • Does the medium allow the artist to ask questions and explore corners that would not be possible to explore without AI?
  • Is this really showing some from of Intelligence, or is it just a sophisticated Pattern Recognition?
  • Is our own Intelligence just a sophisticated form of Pattern Recognition?
  • Are these AIs somehow capable of generalizing ideas or creating a numerical representation of abstract concepts?
  • How much of this work is the result of original research, and how much is just reusing somebody elses work but fed with different inputs so that it generates different outputs?
  • What's the difference between creating artwork in a commercial software framework like Houdini (written by others), or creating it using a Deep Learning algorithm (written by others) ?
  • What's the difference between creating a robotic machine that paints, or creating it an image using a GAN algorithm (written by others) ?